When given a second chance, can you outrun your destiny, or will you allow the man that destroyed you the first time to destroy you again?

SAM BAIRD IS LOST. She isn’t sure if she’s experiencing a bout of amnesia or slipping into the depths of madness. She finds herself at a lake’s edge, beside a man she has never met but who seems strikingly familiar. Sam knows she has been in this exact moment—with this man, in this place, in this time—before. But this time is different.

She closes her eyes, but there is nothing but darkness.

When she opens them, she is in the apartment she shares with her roommate, Susan, and she’s supposed to move to New York City the following day.

Everything seems normal, but as she goes through the motions of packing up her life, she knows without question that she has been betrayed. But by whom? And how?

Sam pushes forward, ready to live the life for which she is destined, starting with this move. She must continue to follow the plan that has been meticulously laid out for her. But why is it so hard?

Why can’t she stop thinking about the man from the lake? Will she be bound to him throughout eternity, seeing him constantly in dreams that present themselves through her artwork, or will she have the courage to choose a different path? Has she gone crazy or has he finally jumped from her visions into her reality?

In the end, it is the discovery she makes at the lake that will transform her life forever.

Praise for Fractured...

“Ossowski’s smart, time-twisting novel is a gorgeous exploration of whom we love and why, and how the past sometimes—extraordinarily—can bleed into the present. A gorgeously written page-turner.”


CAROLINE LEAVITT, New York Times bestselling

author of Pictures of You and Cruel Beautiful World



“Stellar. A complex and compulsive read. A beautifully written reflection on dreams vs. reality, self-determination and the people we’re born to be.”


author of Hanna Who Fell from the Sky


“Riveting and richly textured, Fractured bravely tackles themes of love, destiny, and freedom with a freshness and honesty that makes it impossible to put down.”


RITA ZOEY CHIN, critically acclaimed

author of Let the Tornado Come

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